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Vampire Fish Becoming Problem for Fish in New York [VIDEO]

The lamprey, often called a vampire fish, is sucking fish to death around New York.

The lamprey is often times confused with an eel, however it is, in fact, a fish. This fish, or vampire fish as many locals in the New York area have come to call it, are beginning to show up in increasing numbers. On average, these vampire fish suck the life out of 40 to 50 pounds of other fish per year. Now, officials are starting to take notice and do what they can to control the problem.

Luckily for us non-scientific types, Newsy Science has put out a PSA to share a little knowledge about these voracious predators.

As they say in the clip, these lampreys don't attack humans unlike their movie star vampire counterparts, but still, they look pretty terrifying.

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Vampire Fish Becoming Problem for Fish in New York [VIDEO]