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Outdoorsman's Vacation Destination: Seealpsee Lake, Switzerland [VIDEO]

Polizei Schweiz 

Seealpsee is a lake located in the mountains of Switzerland and is an ideal location focused on hiking, fishing, and the outdoors in general.

The lake and country in general is a great location for the avid outdoors man looking to go across the pond on vacation.

Check out the gorgeous aerial footage of this Swiss lake.

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Hiking trails abound around the lake and if you can handle the weather, they are beautiful year round. Fishing in the lake is also an option with rods and boats available for rent and few seem to take advantage. Northern pike seems to be the most hungry biter in this body of water.

Switzerland is also one of the only countries where you can snag an Alpine Ibex. If you're looking to do some hunting as well, search out nearby towns at high elevations and do a little extra planning to make the vacation go smoothly. These Ibex feature some of the most epic hunting you may do in a long time. Expect steep and snowy cliff sides along the incredible alpine views.

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Outdoorsman's Vacation Destination: Seealpsee Lake, Switzerland [VIDEO]