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Virginia State Record Smallmouth Caught Then Released [VIDEO]

record smallmouth

A fisherman caught and released what could have been a new state record smallmouth, weighing over eight pounds, and got it all on video!

Fisherman Jon Lawson landed the smallmouth of a lifetime earlier this year when he hooked an 8.25-pound monster in Virginia’s South Holston Reservoir.

His fish unofficially weighed a few ounces more than the Virginia state record smallmouth, which is 8 pounds, 1 ounce, and came from the New River.

South Holston Reservoir is operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority and is primarily in the state of Tennessee, though Virginia has 1,600 surface acres.

It is known to have good populations of smallmouth. Virginia boat ramps are near the town of Abington, in the southwestern portion of the state.

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Virginia State Record Smallmouth Caught Then Released [VIDEO]