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Utah's First-Ever Crow Hunt Has a Catch: Eat What You Kill

Utah's first-ever crow has one key stipulation: hunters have to eat the crows they kill.

If you're done dry heaving at the thought of eating crow, let's move on.

The crow hunt, which is set to begin this September, is open to both sport and depredation hunters. Sport hunters are allowed to kill 10 crows a day, while farmers can target any crows that are damaging their livestock and agriculture operations.

Utah wildlife officials have reported that crow populations in the state have tripled in the past 12 years. State wildlife officials see the hunt as a way to prevent crow populations from becoming unmanageable.

But state wildlife activists disagree. They are concerned that crow hunters will not eat their kills. You really can't blame them for doubting that part of the law. Crow meat is something witches would use to fill a pie. It reportedly has a foul taste. Consider that the idiom "eating crow" means that you're admitting your own foul humiliation and wrong doing.

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Wildlife activists are also concerned that hunters will accidentally kill black birds and ravens - the latter are considered a protected species in Utah.

But state officials stand by their decision to proceed with the crow hunt. John Bair, a member of the Utah Wildlife Commission - which voted 3-2 to proceed with the hunt - said that crow hunting in Utah will not have a negative impact on future populations, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

"We have wildlife in Utah because we hunt wildlife in Utah," Bair recently told a large crowd. "Never in our state's history has there been an animal hunted to extinction while it was regulated under the Division of Wildlife. I have no reason to believe crow will be any different."

What do you think about Utah's first-ever crow hunt? Share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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Utah's First-Ever Crow Hunt Has a Catch: Eat What You Kill