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Utah’s Concealed Firearm Permits At All Time High, Here’s Why

Utah is issuing a record number of concealed firearm permits, but most of them going to non-Utah residents.

Last September, the state reached 521,914 total concealed firearm permits. That’s nearly 18 percent of the state’s 2.86 million residents, or one permit for every five people. While the numbers are high, most of the permits are being issued to out-of-state gun owners. In fact, 62 percent of the state’s permits are issued to non-Utah residents.

Why? Utah’s concealed firearms permit is fairly easy to obtain, and it’s recognized by 35 US states. That means gun owners who obtain a concealed firearms permit in Utah can more easily travel with their firearms throughout the country. In the past year, the state nearly quadrupled its amount of issued concealed firearm permits.

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Each US state has the option to recognize Utah’s concealed firearm permit. New Mexico and Nevada have revoked their recognition of the Utah permit because it does not require carriers to have live-firing training.

Do you think Utah should have stricter limitations on their Utah firearm permit? Let us know in the comments below.

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Utah’s Concealed Firearm Permits At All Time High, Here’s Why