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Utah Woman Finds Severed Snake Head in Her Can of Green Beans

snake head
ABC 6 News

A woman made an unexpected reptilian find while preparing a church dinner. 

A woman in Utah made an especially odd and gruesome discovery when she found the severed head of a small snake in a can of green beans.

There seems to always be a strange snake story or two in the headlines, but this one is even stranger than most. Troy Walker was preparing the beans when she initially mistook the snake’s head, which was in a can of Western Family Fancy Green Beans, as simply being a burned bean.

But a closer look revealed something much more unexpected.

“As I got closer to lift it off the spoon, I saw eyes,” Walker told ABC 6 News. “That’s when I dropped it and screamed.”

Because Walker was preparing the beans for a large church dinner, she actually had 30 cans of the same beans in her possession. She ended up returning all of them to the store out of concern that other parts of the snake may be in the other cans.

This Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016 photo shows a snake head that Troy Walker, of Farmington, Utah, says she found in a can of green beans. Walker said she made the unsettling discovery while she and fellow church members were preparing meals Wednesday night for neighbors. Walker said she took the snake head and empty can back to the grocery store where she bought the food. She took a picture first of the snake head to send to Western Family, a food distribution company based in Oregon, which has halted some shipments of the green beans.(Troy Walker via AP)

She also informed the company that packaged the beans, Western Family, who quickly decided to suspend shipments of the same kinds of green beans while they perform an investigation into the incident.

“Foreign matter is not something we take lightly,” said Western Family’s CEO Peter Craven.

News of the unexpected discovery quickly went viral once it hit the Internet. Consumers went to Western Family’s Facebook page to ask if there was a recall. Responses made by the account indicate one is not in place, but they are encouraging anyone who has a can of green beans with the UPC code: 15400 01409 Lot code: E 4,48E27 to return them to the store for a refund.

As for now it’s unclear exactly how the snake ended up in the can. Walker decided to take no chances in the wake of the discovery, however, and decided to throw out the whole meal.



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Utah Woman Finds Severed Snake Head in Her Can of Green Beans