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Utah Trophy Mule Deer Hunt Goes for Almost $400K

A trohy mule deer hunting permit goes for $390,000 at the Western Hunting & Conservation Expo this year.

There is big news out of Antelope Island, Utah, where one big buck is going for some major green bucks this year.

A hunter bid $390,000 to hunt one mule deer next November during hunting season. Tony Lorenz, the bidder, is from Canada and has claimed the world record for highest bid on a hunt.

The money raised in the annual Western Hunting and Conservation Expo goes to run the show and conservation of local wildlife areas. The CEO of Salt Lake City’s Mule Deer Foundation says that these auctions are crucial for funding wildlife conservation all over the country.

All told, the hunting permit auctions held during the Expo earned $2.17 million.


The auction raised $1.4 million for wildlife conservation for the preserve on the island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. Antelope Island State Park’s bucks live longer and grow larger antlers because they are excluded from Utah’s regular hunting season.

Only two permits are given out for each species on the island, and one of each is given out through a lottery. 90% of the money raised goes towards conservation, but since the auction began they have only had a chance to use up one third of the total profits. The auctions have been unexpectedly successful.

The hunters that bid at these auctions are directly funding conservation projects that would not exist without them.

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Utah Trophy Mule Deer Hunt Goes for Almost $400K