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Utah Now Requiring Online Course to Collect Shed Antlers

shed antlers
Travis Smola

Many western states have enacted regulations for antler collecting in recent years. Utah is now joining the group. 

As hunters across the nation start hitting the woods in search of dropped antlers from deer, elk, and moose in upcoming weeks, Utah’s Division of Wildlife Services is now requiring shed antler hunters to take a free online course before hitting the woods, the Deseret News reports.

The online course seems geared towards making sure seekers are aware of various Utah laws regarding antler collection and shed hunting ethics afield. It also helps with the DWR’s efforts to make sure people are aware of how wildlife are affected by the winter and how people looking for antlers can cause more stress on animals as the sport grows in popularity.

“In addition to the animals being stressed,” said Capt. Mitch Lane of the DWR, “the habitat the animals rely on in the winter is wet. Because it’s wet, it’s easily damaged. Once it’s damaged, it can take years to recover.”

The course can be found online at and it consists of 23 true-or-false and multiple-choice questions.

The test also makes sure people are aware of regulations regarding the collection of winter-killed deer and property access. Upon successful completion, you will also need your DWR customer ID number, which can be found on previously purchased licenses or dedicated hunter C.O.R.

The one exception to the rule is children, but everyone else needs to take the course and carry the certificate with them when they are seeking out antlers across the state.

The DWR is also making sure people are aware of state wildlife management areas that are closed through winter and spring. Anyone seeking antlers on private land is also required to have written permission from the landowner.

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Utah Now Requiring Online Course to Collect Shed Antlers