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Utah Man Claims He Found a Fossilized Bigfoot Skull

Times Record News

Man claims it's a skull; experts say it's a rock. 

Here's your odd news item of the day. A Utah man is claiming he has found the fossilized skull of the legendary Bigfoot.

Todd May of Ogden, Utah, told the Wichita Falls Times Record he found the 75-pound skull on a hike. He told the paper he's no stranger to the beast. He claims he's seen it before.

"The first time I saw one I was startled, it looked like an ape from the zoo," May told the Times Record News.

He claims to have two sightings in the area of Ogden Canyon where he said he's also come across footprints and been hit with small stones thrown by the beast.

"I just thought it was kids, but then my friend was playing her flute outside and had a couple of witnesses who saw the Bigfoot," May said.

He claims he found the skull while on a hike near his home. "I would go out there often and find things, fossils, rocks," May told the Times Record News. "I looked around for about half an hour, then I saw it."

That was in 2013. Since then, the alleged skull has predictably fallen under much skepticism.

"There's haters out there, other Bigfoot enthusiasts that don't like that I found something first," May told the paper.

Shortly after May's story first broke, at least one professor said it was just an oddly-shaped rock. "But that professor just saw the picture that was in the paper, he never saw it in person. When you actually see it, you can't help but see that it's a face," May told the paper.


He believes in his find because he says it so closely resembles the creatures he claims still live in the area. "It had the same facial structure as the creatures I had seen," May said.

Scientists are still unconvinced, noting that fossil skulls are actually very different in appearance and much more fragile.

"Often, the natural fractures or joints in the rock are sites of increased weathering where you have these types of depressions form," Midwestern State University Assistant Professor Jesse Carlucci told the Times Record News. "It's not Bigfoot!"

It's not the first, and probably not the last time May will hear an explanation like that. But it sounds like he really doesn't care either. He told the paper he knows the skull is real because of the times he's seen the legendary beast up close.

The second time he claims to have seen Bigfoot, it was while hiking at night. He says he heard someone scream and shined his light on a huge creature between eight and ten feet in height with red hair at a distance of just 20 feet.

Now with his alleged skull, he's apparently on a crusade to get the word out about Bigfoot. "I don't know where I'm going next, but people need to see this and know Bigfoots are real and they are out there," May told the paper.

Perhaps he should go meet with the hunter who claimed to film Bigfoot carrying off a deer or the guys claiming to have filmed the legendary skunk ape back in April? Whatever the truth is with May's skull, there's certainly no denying the legend continues!

What do you think? Could an unknown, man-like ape really be wandering the wilds of North America?


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Utah Man Claims He Found a Fossilized Bigfoot Skull