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Utah Hunting/Fishing App Makes Licenses Downloadable

The Division of Wildlife Resources in Utah recently released a new app, one that makes hunting and fishing licenses easy to obtain and keep track of.

The app, called Utah Hunting and Fishing, is available for iPhone and Andriod, and allows hunters to purchase and keep their licenses on their tablets and smartphones.TS-HuntingTeam-Email

The app also lets sportsmen know when their licenses expire, by changing their app icons from green to red.

And, yes, the app versions of the licenses are valid with field officers, in case an officer wants to check hunters’ and fishermen’s credentials in the bush.

Future versions of the app will include PDFs with guidebooks and regulations, and a “Buck Tracker” tab that tells hunters where the 10-pointers are in real time.

Okay, we may have exaggerated about the Buck Tracker. But if anybody knows where that app is, please, include a link in the comments.

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Utah Hunting/Fishing App Makes Licenses Downloadable