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Utah DWR Relocates 100 Mule Deer

Deseret News

One hundred Utah does have a new place to call home.

Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources have relocated 100 mule deer in an effort to control the growing population on Antelope Island.

Antelope Island is located on the Great Salt Lake and is considered the largest island of the area, spanning 15 miles long and five miles wide. Mule deer hunting is restricted here so the deer had to be removed to keep them from competing for resources.

mule deer


The process to capture and relocate the deer is known as mugging. The method involves a helicopter herding the deer where a DWR agent nets, then hobbles and blindfolds them. The deer are then tagged, weighed, inoculated, and blood samples are taken.

The deer taken from Antelope Island will be relocated to Central Utah, approximately 100 miles away.

deer blindfolded
Deseret News


The DWR tries to maintain a population of at least 350 mule deer on the island. Currently, that population is at 700. The overall deer population in Utah is low state-wide. Relocating these does will help with fawn production in their new home.


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Utah DWR Relocates 100 Mule Deer