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Utah Dad Rescued in Idaho Wilderness by 13-Year-Old Son [VIDEO]

A 13-year-old Utah boy rescued his dad who was struck by a falling boulder in the Idaho wilderness.

Due to his son’s quick-thinking, a Utah man is recovering after falling 20 to 30 feet during a backpacking trip in Idaho’s Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness last week.

David Finlayson, 52, was struck by a falling boulder the “size of a refrigerator” while scouting a climbing route. Charlie, a 13-year-old boy boyscout, used his training to administer first aid and keep his father comfortable through the night.

David was suffering from a broken arm, leg and back, so it was up to Charlie to hike the 13 miles back to the nearest ranger for help.

With a note that read, “I cannot walk so I need a rescue, unfortunately. Please help Charlie find one for me,” Charlie encountered two members from his church just three miles away. They tended to his dad while Charlie continued to hike until finding another man that was able to alert the authorities.

Finlayson was finally rescued and airlifted to a nearby hospital. He has since undergone two surgeries, with more still necessary. Charlie has since started the eighth grade and returned to school with an unforgettable summer story to tell.

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Utah Dad Rescued in Idaho Wilderness by 13-Year-Old Son [VIDEO]