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Utah Angler Keeping Location of 52-Inch Tiger Muskie Catch a Secret

tiger muskie
Utah DWR

This monstrous muskie may have been a state record, but the angler is keeping the spot he caught it a secret!

Everyone enjoys a photo of a monstrous muskie catch, and Joe Weisner's Utah tiger muskie catch is no exception.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources shared the photo of the monstrous tiger muskie on their social media pages earlier this week. If the length of the fish was indeed 52 inches, it's very likely this fish could have been a state record, beating a 49-inch, 33-pound, 9-ounce fish caught by Kelly Parry from Pineview Reservoir in 2006.

It wasn't explicitly stated by the Utah DWR, but it sounds like this beast was released to fight another day since there's only a length measurement.

But for anyone wondering where this fish came from, you'll have to keep guessing. Although Weisner shared the photo with Utah wildlife officials, he told officials he wanted to keep the location it was caught a secret. There was some speculation by users online it also came from Pineview, but we may never know for sure.

Can anyone really blame him? I'd keep the spot of such a catch a secret too! That's one heck of a tiger muskie Joe! Congrats!

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Utah Angler Keeping Location of 52-Inch Tiger Muskie Catch a Secret