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Utah Angler Catches State Record Wiper Fish

A Utah angler’s first wiper fish becomes the new state record for the species.

Angler Russel Nielson caught Utah’s state-record wiper fish on May 21 while fishing in the Newcastle Reservoir near Cedar City.

The 11-pound, 2-ounce fish surpassed the previous state record wiper by 5 ounces, according to KCSG News.

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Nielson hooked the record fish with anchovy bait on a worm hook. Once hooked, the fish ran off with most of his line. After a 5-minute battle, he managed to catch the hefty wiper.

Nielson said it wasn’t the biggest wiper he saw that day.

“I’ll definitely be back to Newcastle,” he said. “trying to improve on the record.”

Wipers are a hybrids of striped bass and white bass. In 2005, Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources began stocking Newcastle with wipers to control invasive golden shiners that were illegally introduced to the reservoir.

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“We see very few shiners in Newcastle anymore,” said state wildlife biologist Michael Hadley. “And the survival and growth of rainbow trout has improved immensely.”

Have you ever caught a wiper fish? Let us know how big your best catch was in the comments section below.

Featured image via KCSG News

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Utah Angler Catches State Record Wiper Fish