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Using Eels for Striper Fishing [VIDEO]

Ever try using eels to catch a fish?

There are many types of bait to go after stripped bass. It all depends on location and available food sources.

If you haven’t tried using eels before than you are missing out on one of the best ways to catch stripers. In this video Kevin Whitley from Ocean Kayaks demonstrates how to best use an eel as bait.


Just remember to properly care for the eels on the way to your fishing spot. Keep them cool until use, and don’t forget to punch holes in the container. There’s nothing worse than wasting good money on live bait for it to die before you use it.

This also demonstrates the importance of knowing the feeding habits of the fish you are after. Also makes you wonder what other fish eels could be good for catching.

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Using Eels for Striper Fishing [VIDEO]