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Use Your Own Voice and Turkey Gobble Like a Boss

If you have to use a turkey gobble to locate birds, might as well do it yourself. 

Nick Johnson just posted a video online of the North Carolina NWTF natural voice calling competition. In this contest, NWTF members compete on who can turkey gobble the best, as well as other turkey sounds, using only their own mouth and hands with no aid from hand callers or reeds.

What you are about to see is a freaking crazy good turkey gobble. It’s hard to believe that Brandon Kernells’ gobble is coming only from his own mouth.

I have a friend that uses a shock gobbler every time he goes turkey hunting. The gobbler sounds like a turkey is being strangled rather than looking for a hen, but he does it non stop. He doesn’t shoot many birds, but by God he loves to turkey gobble with that thing. If only he could make a gobble like you just heard, I would probably hunt with him more!

You know, I just have to wonder, how the heck did Kernells realize he could make a sound like that? What’s more, was anyone around him the first time he tried?



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Use Your Own Voice and Turkey Gobble Like a Boss