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Why You Should Use Two-Way Radios While Hunting


Two-way radios can be the most effective way for hunting partners to close the deal on a successful hunt.

Some people don't like to use two-way radios, or virtually any other technology when hunting, to preserve the heritage of "true" hunting. But the truth is, we live in a different world now. If the technology we have today was around 50 years ago, hunters would have used it. It's time for you to give in and use technology while you hunt.

Two-way radios are one of the simplest forms of technology but can prove to be a game changer when hunting with a partner. Two-way radios can allow you constant contact with your hunting partners without worrying about disrupting the hunt. Let's start with the equipment.

 The two-way radio


These Midland® GXT1050VP4 Two-Way Radios are the ones I use when hunting. They are lightweight, have great battery life, and the "call" sound can be programmed to sound like a wild animal. Even if you have the volume all the way up and someone "calls" it will not spook the animals.



Because of the innovative animal sounds, a headset is not necessary but it makes using the two-way radios easier and much more convenient. The two-way radios come with a headset but ours started shorting out after a few hunts. I recommend a set such as the AVPH3 Surveillance Headsets. These earpieces will allow you to communicate with little movement.

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Why use two-way radios?

When you are hunting, your senses are limited to a certain area. The size of the area depends on your setup, but can be quite limited. If you are hunting near a partner then you can actively communicate with that person (via two-way radios) and you have essentially doubled the area where you know what is happening. By staying in contact and sharing information such as sightings or sharing what you hear, you are increasing both partners' chances of success.

Other ways to use two-way radios

An easy and very effective way to use two-way radios is to do a two-man drive. Simply meaning, one person walks/stalks their way through the woods moving towards the other person. I generally start as far away as possible and then work my way in a "U" shape around my hunting partner. Any animals in the area will be likely to come out in front of one of you and the more communication via your two-way radios, the better your chances are.

I personally have had at least three or four hunts in the past few years that were successful because my hunting partners and I used our two-way radios. So, go get some and change your strategy to get the best use.


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Why You Should Use Two-Way Radios While Hunting