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How to Use Twitter as a Hunting Tool

twitter as a hunting tool

Using Twitter as a hunting tool can be one of the best decisions you make this year.

If you have never used Twitter as a hunting tool, you need to start today. It is very simple to start and only builds and builds upon itself. If you have never used Twitter at all then using Twitter as a hunting tool is a great reason to check it out.

I myself only became active on twitter over the past few months but have quickly seen that Twitter as a hunting tool, or as a fishing tool, is an amazing resource. Twitter can give you instantaneous news, tips, and advice that you can put in your memory bank or put to use right away.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to use Twitter as a hunting tool.

Sign Up and Fill Out Your Profile

The first step to using Twitter as a hunting tool is to create your own Twitter account. This is simple and easy, just add your email address and basic information. You may want to leave some information out for privacy reasons but the more information you put into your profile, the easier it will be for you to find and get followers later on.

Follow and Get Followers

Following others is how you get your Twitter feed and this is one of the easiest ways to use Twitter as a hunting tool. Just follow others who hunt. These can be other people you know, professional hunting personalities, or hunting gear manufacturers. Here is a great list to get you started of the top 50 Twitter accounts for hunters. Just following these 50 people will get you started with a great feed of helpful Twitter hunting news.

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Getting followers is also an important aspect of using Twitter as a hunting tool. Your followers are the people who see what you tweet. When you put out a tweet, these are the people who will see and possibly answer your tweet. The more followers you have, the better chance you have of getting your questions answered. The best ways to get followers are to follow others and to tweet out quality content. This can be your own content or a RT (Retweet) of tweets by people you currently follow.

Build Lists

If you are only using Twitter as a hunting tool this step may not be necessary but if you are planning to use it for other reasons you can make lists for each different topic you are tweeting about. These lists can also be used to separate your hunting and non-hunting tweets or to separate your tweets into different categorizes. One category can be for deer hunting, one for turkey hunting, one for new products, and one for weather updates.

Experiment With Twitter

Like anything else, it will take some time to learn and figure out. Start following anyone you think may help you with your hunting, whether it is for hunting tips, new hunting gear, or just pictures of their trophies so you can see what is being taken across the country. If you end up finding the person unhelpful you can always unfollow them later. Just don't be afraid to get in there and give it a shot.

Start out by following @chrisbuck243 and @WideOpenSpaces and then go from there and see what else you can find to help you use Twitter as a hunting tool.

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How to Use Twitter as a Hunting Tool