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Use This Drill to Improve Your Handgun Accuracy

handgun accuracy

This simple practice drill will help you improve your handgun accuracy on the range.

Who doesn't want to be a better shot? Using this simple dry-fire drill often and you'll improve your handgun accuracy.

You don't need any special equipment. You don't need your own range. All you need is a your handgun, your trigger finger and some discipline. In this video, Adam Millard of gives some great advice.

As with just about anything, repetition is the key. If you aren't pulling with consistent, even pressure you can't possibly maximize the accuracy your handgun is able to deliver.

While it may seem a bit tedious and boring, it's this repetitive practice that will develop the muscle memory and repeatable mechanics that make good shots into great ones. And don't overlook the importance of using a snap-cap. While many will argue that dry-firing a handgun won't do any lasting damage, there's no reason to take the chance. A cap is cheap insurance against any damage.

Have someone observe your first practice sessions, looking for any sign of movement during the trigger pull. Often a partner will pick out small movements that you were unaware of.


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Use This Drill to Improve Your Handgun Accuracy