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Filming Your Hunt Just Got Easier with These Tips

Filming your hunt is a great way to capture and relive the action.

However, there’s more to filming your hunt than grabbing a camera and pushing record. With a bit of specialized equipment and knowledge, you’ll be laying down sweet footage in no time.

Watch the video to learn how the Growing Deer TV crew gets it done.

So, did you learn anything about filming your hunt?

Let’s review a few of the key takeaways from the video.

  • Buy and attach multiple camera bases to avoid annoying ratchet strap sounds while setting up.
  • Make sure your camera shoulder is level before attaching the camera arm.
  • Set your camera up on your right side to maximize access to the controls and mobility while filming.
  • Set the cameraman stand platform to the right of the hunter and level with the seat on the hunter’s stand.
  • Tell the whole story of your hunt by getting lots of B-roll footage and scenic shots of your hunting area.
  • Don’t zoom in too close to the animal you are filming and keep a cushion in front of the animal in case they start moving quickly.
  • Make sure you capture the hunter’s priceless reaction after the animal is down.

Use these tips for filming your hunt and you just might be the next TV hunting sensation.


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Filming Your Hunt Just Got Easier with These Tips