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A Little Motivation to Use This Holiday to Hone Your Skills at the Range

This holiday break might just be the best time of year to hit the range.

If you told most outdoorsmen that time spent at the range is boring, chances are high that most of them would disagree. No matter what time of year, hitting the range is almost always a great time. So why spend your Holiday break at the range? Here’s a couple good reasons.

The place should be empty.

Okay, so, maybe not empty. But it shouldn’t be busy. Range time can come at a premium if you’re in an area with a lot of sportsmen. This holiday season take advantage of the fact that many people will be distracted with events or travelling. Time it just right and you might have the place all to yourself.


It’s a good time to connect with buddies.

Speaking of travelling for the holidays, call up some of your old buddies who may be back in town visiting family. Get the old high school or college crew back together and blow off some steam while you’re at it. Range time can be a fantastic way to reconnect. And who knows, someone might’ve gotten a new gun for you to try out.

Shooting Range Industries

Simulated ranges improve your skills.

Do yourself a favor and track down a live fire container like this one from Shooting Range Industries. These guys are built in Las Vegas and are probably the coolest ranges out there. These high-tech shooting systems allow for the use of laser guns on a projected screen to simulate real life training scenarios.

Not enough for you? Step it up a notch with live firing your own gun with actual ammunition. That’s right. High-speed cameras at these ranges allow you to use live rounds in the same simulated environments. There’s even a zombie shooting option.

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A Little Motivation to Use This Holiday to Hone Your Skills at the Range