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Would You Use Your Tag to Put an Injured Deer Out of Misery?

Jason Houser

Hunting is not all about killing big bucks. Sometimes it’s up to hunters to do the responsible thing, and to take injured animals out of the herd.

Hunters are always wanting to fill the freezer with nutritious meat, and if luck would have it, harvest a nice buck.

There are times though when a hunter comes in contact with a injured animal that’s in misery. Sometimes that means using a permit on an animal you otherwise would not harvest.

It appears this animal had been hit by a vehicle. Obviously the animal was suffering, and would have likely died by predators or starvation.

It’s not always easy for a hunter to harvest an animal that he wouldn’t normally be interested in, especially if the meat might be bad. However, our job as hunters is to be ethical, and to practice good animal conservation practices.

If you find yourself in this situation, do the right thing. Afterwards, check with you Department of Natural Resources and explain the situation. They might issue a replacement permit.



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Would You Use Your Tag to Put an Injured Deer Out of Misery?