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How to Use a Slingbow to Yank a Tooth [VIDEO]

‘Go ahead and shoot your tooth out of your face’ he says. Sure, a slingbow makes for a great tooth extractor.

This father either wins first prize for “dad of the year” for his simple method of tooth extraction involving a slingbow, or he gets a free trip to a child welfare office for his simple method of tooth extraction…

At any rate, his daughter seems dauntless, and fires her tooth out of her face like a boss.

I mean, I remember my dad suggesting to tie a stubborn tooth to a door knob, and then slamming the door when I was young, but I didn’t think he’d really let me do it.

But maybe this family has the right idea. Just get the deal over with as fast as possible, with a quick burst of pain, rather than toy around with slight pain for hours or days.

But still – that has got to take some serious nerves. This girl is fearless and just might be a crack shot with a slingbow.

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How to Use a Slingbow to Yank a Tooth [VIDEO]