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Use a Raccoon Penis Bone to Fashion an Ancient Fishing Hook


We bet you never knew that you could use a raccoon penis bone to make a fish hook. It’s really not that hard…er, I mean, it’s really a fairly simple process.

For ages man has fashioned fish hooks from all sorts of natural materials, including antler, bone, shell, wood, metal, and other materials. We’ve even seen a fish hook fashioned from plant materials by Ray Mears before.

Here, Shawn Woods utilizes a very unusual material to reproduce his ancient fish hook. Woods uses a very specific kind of bone from a raccoon…a raccoon penis bone.

The raccoon penis bone is called a baculum, and Woods acquired his baculum from Amazon, listed as a “mountain man toothpick” (This just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser).

You begin by grinding down the slender end of the penis bone to make a point. This will be the point of the hook.

Next you utilize a small deer antler tine of the appropriate dimension, by scoring it with a flint flake and then breaking it off. You then grind the end down to create a smooth surface. Next, drill a hole to accommodate the raccoon penis bone, using another flint drilling flake or knapped piece of stone.

The baculum is attached securely into the hole in the antler tine with pine pitch glue. A fishing line is tied directly to the antler tine, which should then have a groove ground around the circumference to accept the line.

These kinds of fish hooks were found in Florida and were carbon dated to 3,000 years ago. Below is an image of those ancient hooks.

Lithic Casting Lab
Lithic Casting Lab

Woods wanted to give his hook a real world testing, so he chartered a boat and went to sea in order to test the hook on sea bass and lingcod. Unfortunately, weather conditions and a damaged engine foiled his trip, but he promises to give it another go and report his findings.

In any event, should you decide to make this ancient fishing hook, we bet you’ll be the only one on your block who has a fish hook made from a raccoon penis bone.

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Use a Raccoon Penis Bone to Fashion an Ancient Fishing Hook