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Pantyhose Makes for Easy Pheasant Field Care [VIDEO]

Pheasant hunting

If you want to make your taxidermist happy this season, then plan on bringing along some pantyhose on your next pheasant hunt. Trust me, it’ll make more sense after seeing the video.

I’ll admit, I laughed quite a bit when I first heard of somehow incorporating pantyhose into pheasant hunting, but after watching this video I’m sold.

Field storage of a pheasant that you want to bring to the taxidermist is always tough. Throwing your bird into the back of your game bag is asking for feathers to get messed up or broken and creates a headache for your taxidermist.

Join along with the guys in this video as they show you one easy and inexpensive trick to keeping your pheasant in perfect condition.

Who knew that a set of pantyhose could be used as one heck of a perfect game bag for your next pheasant hunt?

Good work, guys and thanks for the great tip!

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Pantyhose Makes for Easy Pheasant Field Care [VIDEO]