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Would You Use This New Tool, the Gut Shark?

There is a new product called “The Gut Shark” that promises to revolutionize deer field dressing as we know it.

Gutting a deer is necessary and quite a bit of mess the traditional way.

Watch how this invention promises your hands will stay clean.

Well there is a new invention that comes out almost every day that promises to revolutionize the way we do everything. This invention is no different.

Called “The Gut Shark,” it literally is a pole screwed together with a small scythe and a little claw rake at the end. This tool is shown in this video to slit open a deer’s belly and chop at the inside to free the entrails. As the user states in the video, the stomach does get ruptured. Lots of blood and other liquids fill the deer‘s cavity from the use of this tool.

Purists may call this a total waste and the meat is ruined from the ruptured organs. Hunters who want clean hands may just rave for this product.

Would you use it?

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Would You Use This New Tool, the Gut Shark?