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How to Use the New SWR Radius [VIDEO]

new SWR Radius

The new SWR Radius rangefinder is an amazing piece of equipment. Check out exactly how it works.

SWR is still an up-and-coming company that looks to have quite a bit of potential.

One of their grand unveiling of products (check out #beyondhumanis the new SWR Radius. It is a rail-mounted rangefinder that will accurately range targets up to a mile without ever having to come off the gun.

Check out the video below showing how to install and use the new SWR Radius.

The new SWR Radius looks like an outstanding addition to any rifle.

It provides up to 12 hours of continuous ranging, one mile of visibility with a reflective surface and 1,000 yards with a non-reflective surface; it is shock-resistant, waterproof IP68 rating (submersible), and operates in temperatures of -20°F to 120°F.

Those are all pretty impressive statistics, but its price tag comes in at $999.

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How to Use the New SWR Radius [VIDEO]