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Scientific Shooting: How to Use Mil-Dot to Estimate Range [VIDEO]

Using Mil-Dot to estimate range will drastically improve your precision. Just watch this video to learn how. 

Mil-Dot is a system that gives shooters an accurate estimate of range on any given object. Learning how to use it is imperative for precision improvement.

Led by Jessie Duff and Army Veteran/Long Range Expert George Reinas, this video demonstrates the mathematical application of Mil-Dot.


In case you missed it, here’s the equation for the Mil-Dot system:

To use Mil-Dot to estimate distance to a target in yards, you first take the height of the target in inches and divide it by 36. Then multiply this number by 1,000 and divide that by the number of mils (units of angular measure). To determine the number of mils, count how many mil-dots the target falls between when lined up in the crosshairs.

Remember shooters, Mil-Dot only provides an estimate as accurate as your measurements—try to be a precise as possible for the most accurate estimate of distance.

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Scientific Shooting: How to Use Mil-Dot to Estimate Range [VIDEO]