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How to Use a Fish Finder for Bank Fishing [VIDEO]

A wireless sonar "fish finder" for bank fishing? That's right! And here's how you can use this device to catch fish just like a boat mounted unit.

It doesn't seem fair that fishing sonar has always been the purview of the boat angler or ice fisherman. What about the hardworking bank fisherman? Doesn't he or she deserve the same advantages of fish finding technology?

Well, pine for equality no longer, ye stalwart shore angler! Modern tech has finally leveled the playing field.

Deeper Fishfinder is a sonar unit that bank fishermen can use to see and understand the structure below the surface in much the same way as open water units.

Here, Gene Jensen, the Flukemaster, shows you the basics on how to set up the Deeper unit, sync it with your mobile device, and then use it to catch fish.

Deeper is "the first of its kind portable, wireless sonar, compatible with 7000+ iOS and Android devices, specially designed to find the location of fish, depth, water temperature, bottom contour and much more."

Jensen also gives a thorough product review of the Deeper sonar unit in the following video.

The Deeper Fishfinder is not, however, designed solely for bank fishing. It can be used in open water boating or ice fishing situations as well. There are additional videos on the Deeper YouTube channel showing more.

I know what I'm going to be hinting at for a Christmas gift this year.

The Deeper Fishfinder suggested retail is around $230. Outlets that sell the Deeper are listed on the company's website.

It may also be purchased at Cabela's for $199.

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How to Use a Fish Finder for Bank Fishing [VIDEO]