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Use These Calls to Bring in Fall Turkeys

Hunting fall turkeys is a great way to learn turkey vocalizations from the best calling coach in the world: real wild turkeys.

The key to killing fall turkeys is to determine the composition of the flock you’re hunting, then make calls like those of the group. Watch the video to learn which calls to make, whether you’re hunting gobbler gangs, groups of jakes, or family flocks.

Aside from making the right calls, there’s a few other tricks to killing turkeys in the fall. One of them is the scatter and recall method. When you see a group of turkeys that are out of range and are unable to call them in, charge the flock and attempt to get them to fly in as many directions as possible.

After you’ve scattered the flock, set up a calling position near the break site. Family flocks of hens and poults will start regrouping almost immediately while gobbler groups will sometimes take hours or even days to get back together. Once you’ve been in the middle of a flock that’s regrouping with birds coming from all directions, you’ll understand what’s so special about fall turkey hunting.

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Use These Calls to Bring in Fall Turkeys