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How To Use Airsoft Guns

If you are thinking about purchasing an airsoft gun, be prepared for a whirlwind ride. The market is swamped with innumerable types of airsoft guns, each used in a typical manner.

For the sake of everyone's better understanding, let's divide airsoft guns into three basic groups: electric, gas and spring powered airguns. Because each gun is designed differently, the guidelines for using each type vary.

One thing to be thankful about is that today, because of the advent of the Internet as well as a burgeoning demand for airguns, you can easily find a lot of information on these machines. An emerging group of hobbyists demands that more information on airsoft guns and usage be made available. And, if you are someone who belongs to this group, you would empathize with the thrill and adventure of using a airgun!

The Internet is full of information on airsoft guns and how to use them. However, before learning about their usage, it is important to understand and read about the kinds of airsoft guns available.

  1. Spring Airsoft Guns: Regular pumping or cocking of the weapon is required every time you use a spring airsoft model. These guns give a slower rate of fire. However, the best part is that you will not be required to reload often. Those who are purchasing an airsoft gun for the first time should purchase a spring model.
  2. Gas Airsoft Guns: These are mostly used as side arms or secondary use weapons. The problem with these types of guns is that they require you to be thorough with your practice, because many a times your shots can be inconsistent. Even though these guns are extremely powerful, they are not very reliable as primary firearms.
  3. Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs): Very powerful and accurate, the automatic electric types consist of a hop up system that enables one to create an accurate line of firing until the clips are over. The battery of this electric firearm lasts for 8 hours in the beginning; however, owing to usage, slows down. This variety is one of the market's best sellers, thanks to its accurate firing.

A Basic Guide to Using Airguns

Merely scrolling through the Internet is not enough to become a pro with airguns. There are a few pointers that you must incorporate into your practical shooting experience.

  1. Know how to check whether the gun is in a good shape and is good to use.
  2. Make use of the safety button until you are ready to fire.
  3. Load the gun carefully by pulling down the spring on the front of the clip.
  4. Cock the instrument. This is done by pulling the slide of the gun back.
  5. You need to work with the sight of the gun to set the aim. Use the sights on the rear and the front of the gun, if equipped.
  6. Switch off the safety that you had earlier turned on. Now rest your fingers on the trigger.

Some Safety Tips

  1. Never point the gun in a direction where you don't wish to shoot.
  2. Never play or fiddle with the gun or any firearms.
  3. Always shoot your rifle or airsoft gun in a place where it is safe to shoot.
  4. You must wear protective eyewear before shooting airsoft guns and rifles.
  5. You should never use airsoft guns, rifles and firearms under the influence of alcohol.
  6. Be very careful while learning about handling, loading and operating an airgun.
  7. Keep your hands off the trigger if you are not using the gun.

These are some of the simple yet importance rules for using an airsoft gun. You must, however, not rely on only the information mentioned here, but also read more about the safety precautions that you should take for proper usage of an airsoft gun. Also be sure to read the user manual that comes with the gun to learn how to use it properly. Now that you have given a good glance, theoretically at least, at the usage of an airgun, get Ready, Aim and Fire! 


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How To Use Airsoft Guns