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How to Use an Air Compressor to Skin a Deer

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Welcome to your new favorite way to skin a deer. 

If you process your own game, then you know all about what it takes to skin a deer. Some people have this skill down to science whereas others, not so much.

In the below infographic from , see for yourself just how easy it is to skin a deer with an air compressor. Yep, an air compressor.

Make sure you explain this to your other half when you tell them why you need a new air compressor this Black Friday.


Easy enough right? Here are the steps broken down:

1. Hang your deer.


2. Cut some holes in it.


3. Put the air compressor nozzle in one of those holes.


4. Spray air to separate meat from skin.


5. Repeat cutting holes and spraying until skin is separated from flesh.


6. Peel the skin off.

I’m not sure if it gets any easier than this if you have to skin a deer by yourself. Just the preparation of successfully pulling the skin off in front of all your hunting buddies would be worth the effort alone.


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How to Use an Air Compressor to Skin a Deer