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Use a MagPacker to Load Magazines in Under 2 Seconds

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Who knew that a piece of wood could help load magazines in under 2 seconds?

Every time that I go to the gun range, I absolutely dread standing there loading magazines.

To prepare, I try to load as many as I can before leaving home, so that way I can spend more time shooting and less time messing around with boxes of ammo and stubborn magazines. Regardless of where you decide to load up, it still takes more time than it should.

Watch how the MagPacker simplifies this task in under 2 seconds.

I know what's next up on my list of shooting accessories this year!

Regardless of whether you're loading magazines for AR-15's, AR-10's or an AK-47, the team at MagPacker has got you covered. Though this speed loader was mainly designed around MagPul's PMag 30 rounder, it will work with most other brands of metal and polymer mag's on the market.

I almost forgot to mention that they'll do custom logos as well!

speed loader, load magazines, don't tread on me

The team also realizes that people need to load shorter and longer magazines, so when you build your MagPacker, that's an option too. It's literally as easy as choosing your magazine type, wood and any additional accessories that you'd like to add to the order.


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Use a MagPacker to Load Magazines in Under 2 Seconds