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Use These 3 Tips to Kill a Late Season Whitetail

Killing a late season whitetail may be easier than you think.

Although he’s been subjected to months of hunting pressure and is wary  because of it, a late season whitetail buck needs to recover following the strenuous breeding season. This could give you the opportunity you’ve been waiting for since opening dayif you play your cards right.

Watch the video to learn three of the most important things to focus on if you want to get a late season whitetail in your sights this season.

Let’s review the three most important things to key in on when pursuing late season whitetails:

  1. Find the Food: Finding the best food source in your hunting area is the most important factor is late season hunting. As mentioned, late season bucks need to replenish fat supplies that they lost during the rut and the only way for them to do that is to feed heavily.
  2. Head for Cover: While bucks’ need to feed is a driving factor, they haven’t forgotten the last few months of hunting pressure altogether. Look for areas that haven’t been pressured and stay out until conditions are perfect. Then, make your move and kill a big late season whitetail.
  3. Hunt When it’s Nasty: Hunting during cold and snowy weather may not be the most comfortable sit of the season, but it could be the most successful. Deer will be up and feeding on the leading and tailing edges of winter storms and during cold weather. Being in the field at these times could be the ticket to punching a last minute tag.

Keep these tips in mind and hunt smart, and there’s no reason you can’t fill your tag before old man winter gets ahold of your hunting area. Get out and give late season hunting a try; you might bag your biggest buck ever.

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Use These 3 Tips to Kill a Late Season Whitetail