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US Gun Owners Buying Up Russian Ammo Amid Fears of Trade Sanctions

American gun owners are going on a Russian ammo purchasing binge.

American gun owners are stockpiling large amounts of Russian ammo, concerned that the growing tension between President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin over the conflict in Crimea will result in trade sanctions. These worries have been fueled by recent Internet rumors of sanctions against Russian ammo.

Some of the rumors claim that Putin will cut off Russian ammo exports to the US. Other rumors claim that President Obama will soon announce a trade embargo with Russia. So far, none of the sanctions rumors circulating the web have been substantiated. But that hasn't stopped many US gun owners from going on a panic run for Russian ammo.

Consumers are mostly buying up cheap 7.62 x 39 rounds for AK-47s and SKS's. Russian ammo makers Wolf and TulAmmo make cheaper 7.62 x 39 rounds than their US counterparts, so naturally consumers are buying the Russian-made rounds first.

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The Washington Examiner reported that high-volume gun shops in the US are seeing Russian ammo fly off their shelves at a rapid rate.

"We've seen an ammo-hoarding effect," said Larry Hyatt, owner of the Hyatt Gun Shop in Charlotte, N.C. in the Examiner. "It's almost like milk and bread when it gets ready to snow: It's just a mass of people running out and buying some of it, probably more than they need."

Ammo is already in short supply in the US. The shortage is likely due to the record number of gun purchases last year when firearms sales skyrocketed.

In all likelihood, Russia will not cutoff their ammo exports to the US. As the gun blog recently wrote, "If Vladimir Putin actually wanted to irritate the Obama Administration, he'd actually increase arms and ammunition exports to the United States, while cutting prices."

Are you concerned Russian ammo will be cutoff in the US? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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US Gun Owners Buying Up Russian Ammo Amid Fears of Trade Sanctions