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US Bans Russian-Made AK-47 Imports

If you own an AK-47, you’d be wise to hold on to it.

Last week, the US Treasury Department imposed trade sanctions on Russian companies over the Russian government’s support of insurgents who are fighting in Ukraine.

Kalashnikov Concern, the original manufacturer of the Russian AK-47, is one of the companies affected by the sanctions.

The Treasury Department has effectively banned all AK-47 imports from Kalashnikov Concern. That means we won’t be seeing any new AK-47’s in the US anytime soon.

Americans who already own an AK-47 won’t be affected by the sanctions, but new buyers looking for an AK-47 will be affected.

According to, American gun suppliers don’t usually have a large supply AK-47’s, so the existing US supply is quickly drying up. AK-47’s will likely skyrocket in value.

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Here’s a statement from Kalashnikov Concern about the trade sanctions:

“It should be noted that the production of Kalashnikov firearms in the U.S. is in high demand, with pre-orders exceeding the annual volume of deliveries three times over. Thus, the U.S. government sanctions against the Kalashnikov Concern go against the interests of American consumers.”

The trade sanctions were imposed before Russian insurgents shot down a Malaysian Airlines plane using a surface-to-air missile, so more penalties could be on the way.

What do you think about the trade sanctions? Do you own an AK-47? 

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US Bans Russian-Made AK-47 Imports