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‘Uptown Funk’: Turkey Style [VIDEO]

uptown funk

The new Bruno Mars hit “Uptown Funk” is taking the world by storm and even turkeys are getting in on the action.

Whether you are a Bruno Mars fan or not, you can’t help but enjoy his new song “Uptown Funk.” Just admit it. You know you have at least tapped your foot to the catchy beat at least once.

If you are a turkey hunter, the version of the song in this video from Rudy Mackay will be your new favorite.

It is actually pretty amazing just how well the turkey gobbles fit into the song. Of course, that could just be the turkey hunter in me talking. All turkey hunters would probably agree that the sound of a big tom turkey blasting out in a full gobble sounds good no matter what.

Hopefully that last image of a turkey head will be what you see on the other end of your shotgun this turkey season. Just save the Uptown Funk dance party for after you fill your tag.

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‘Uptown Funk’: Turkey Style [VIDEO]