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The Upside-Down Lantern Flintlock Pistol is One Crazy Gun

flintlock pistol

Some crazy firearm designs you just can’t make up!

Firearms designers have tinkered with crazy designs for as long as guns have been in existence. Thanks to TV and the Internet, some of these crazy designs are being seen by a wider audience.

There’s been many a crazy design that will make you say: “What the heck?”

With that in mind, I present to you, a “tactical,” upside-down flintlock, lantern pistol.

I’ve seen some goofy firearm designs before, but this one takes the cake. Not only does it look awkward to hold, but sighting your target is going to be a real issue here.

What a strange pistol. Although I’m now curious about its back story. Who made it? And did they really think this flintlock pistol could somehow actually serve some useful tactical purpose? I suppose we will never know the answers to those questions, but it is fun to look at it and speculate.

What’s the strangest firearm design you’ve ever come across?


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The Upside-Down Lantern Flintlock Pistol is One Crazy Gun