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UPS Responds to Criticism Regarding Ban on Firearm Suppressors

After receiving endless amounts of criticism from their customers, UPS explains their reason for banning shipments obtaining firearm suppressors.

After a press released hit the web regarding UPS’s policy to ban shipments obtaining legal firearm parts, the carrier received plenty of criticisms on social media. Online users were not only stating that they would be taking their business elsewhere, but they also demanded to hear an explanation to what seemed like a sudden change in policies enforced by the company.

In a statement from Steve Gaut, Vice President of Public Relations with United Parcel Service, Gaut claims that this policy is nothing new. According to Gaut, UPS has placed restrictions on the shipment of silencers for many years along with other firearm parts and accessories.

However, Gaut also stated that UPS accepts certain shipments that comply with state laws, but that does not currently seem to be the case with suppressors. Even though 39 states currently support ownership of suppressors, UPS does not accept shipments to and from any of those states at this time.

Gaut claims that the shipment of suppressors is prohibited specifically because the laws vary from state to state and they want to make sure that all incoming and outgoing packages are reviewed and well-documented. Before they make any exceptions for licensed dealers and businesses, the company wants to research the current laws in place regarding silencers to ensure that customers who are shipping these items are complying with them.

There are some areas of inconsistency when considering their policy on shipping suppressors. If the point of enforcing certain restrictions on firearm parts and/or accessories is to make sure that shippers are complying with the laws within their area, then the policy should be the same across the board.

For example, the company policy regarding the shipment of firearms and/or ammunition does not currently state that certain types of ammunition are banned. For example, hollow-point bullets are currently illegal in 11 states, similar to suppressors, yet UPS does not state that the shipment of hollow-point bullets are prohibited. Instead the website states that it is the responsibility of the shipper to comply with the laws in place.

UPS claims that they will be discussing their policy with licensed entities to see if there is room for the company to establish contractual exceptions to the general shipping policy.

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UPS Responds to Criticism Regarding Ban on Firearm Suppressors