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Upgraded Spike’s Tactical Rifle Survives 3000 Round Torture Test

The newly upgraded Spike’s Tactical AR 15 made some minor improvements on an already solid rifle.

The Black Assassin V2 is the renovated top tier rifle from Spikes tactical. The V1 had some room for improvement and Spikes Tactical made sure to address those smaller issues.

Beginning with the butt stock and forward hand rails, the V2 received some much sought after M-Lok compatibility. While some shooters prefer the keymod accessories, M-Lok seems to be the more mainstream option for Spikes.

The trigger has been upgraded and is the most intuitive enhancement to this rifle. The ST trigger group has some propriety features that are exclusive to Spikes tactical. As of this video I don’t think they want to release those key upgrades.

3000 rounds have been fired through the rifle and its still running reliably. Some people have claimed that M Lock accessories are important have ditched the 1913 picatinny rails in favor of the M Lok system. The top side of the rifle still has a 1913 rail for optics and iron sighs. The Spikes tactical muzzle brake reduces recoil and muzzle flash trying to incorporate both flash and gas control.

Spikes tactical gives a lifetime warranty on the rifle not the owner. Thats a huge claim in the firearms industry especially since a rifle is basically a machine that uses explosive components. This rifle appears to be of the caliber that can be passed down from owner to second generation shooter.


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Upgraded Spike’s Tactical Rifle Survives 3000 Round Torture Test