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Upgraded Hunter Safety System Lifeline Impresses at ATA 2015 [VIDEO]

Brad Smith

If you use a treestand when you hunt, you need the upgraded Hunter Safety System Lifeline.

The Hunter Safety System Lifeline has been out for a little while now. However, for those that have been using it already, it just got better. A few new features have made this incredibly easy to use, life saving device more effective than it already is.

Jerry Wydner, one of the owners of HSS, shared his thoughts on what the new Lifeline is all about at this year's ATA Show in Indianapolis.

"Lifelines have been around for several years. In fact, it has been our fastest growing life saving product out of the last three years," said Wydner. "No one expected us to improve on it because it's been one of those products that works perfectly every time, all the time."

Okay, so then how could you improve on something that is already seemingly perfect? 

"Well, what we have done is added a cowbell cover to the carabiner," Wydner added as he bumped the covered carabiner against a model tree. "If there is any kind of negative to the Lifeline, it's the fact that there is a possibility the carabiner has an opportunity to smack the metal tree stand. This cowbell cover stops that from happening."

Prussik knot above with the cowbell cover below

What else about the Lifeline is new? 

"Well, another new feature we added is a reflective fiber woven into the rope. What this does is work extremely well for finding your stand in the dark," said Wydner, grabbing a flashlight as he talked. "We've all done it. The last thing you want to do is walk through the woods, back and forth, leaving your scent all through the area. Now, that's never going to happen again."

Jerry then walked me about 30 feet away from the demonstration Lifeline and shined his light right at it. I'm here to tell you right now, that Lifeline lit up like a string of Christmas lights. As seen in the headline photo, it would be pretty hard to miss in the woods.

Check out this video posted on the Hunter Safety System Facebook page and see for yourself why this will be your first must have hunting component for the 2015 season.

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Upgraded Hunter Safety System Lifeline Impresses at ATA 2015 [VIDEO]