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Upgrade Your Hunting Technology With These 4 Gadgets

What sort of hunting gadgets will help your success rate? Read on to find out.

Nearly 14 million Americans participate in some form of hunting annually, according the 2011 statistics compiled by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. But hunting in 2015 is different because of technological advances. Technology has made the sport more efficient, effective and fun for the avid outdoorsman.

Before your next hunting trip, consider some of the following gadgets:

Trail Cameras

It may seem like trail cameras are a relatively new technology, but forest filming has been around in some form since the late 19th century. However, the best part about trail cameras today is that many feature infrared and black-flash technology that won’t spook deer and other wildlife. Now, trail cams also detect motion so they aren’t endlessly filming and draining the batteries.

The Eyecon Black Widow 5 Megapixel Camera is one of the more affordable options. The drawbacks are that it lacks time-lapse settings and uses regular C batteries that drain much faster than their lithium counterparts. The Reconyx HyperFire HC500 is a top-of-the-line model with fast trigger speeds and all the features you’d expect from a $500 unit.

Turkey Calls

It’s possible to harvest a turkey without utilizing any calls, but it’s very difficult. The calling aspect takes practice to perfect, but it’s fun and fulfilling when it works in real-life situations.

If you don’t have the time to perfect your turkey call, your smartphone can help. The Pico Brothers Turkey Hunting Calls app for Android phones is one of the most popular and effective on the market. You can utilize the cluck, yelp, purr and several other calls simply by touching the screen. This is especially useful for phones like the HTC One M9 because it has powerful front-facing speakers that can amplify turkey calls to lure toms from long distances. Smart Wire’s Free Turkey Calls app is a similar option for iPhone users.


When hunting deer and other game, it is essential that you are absolutely quiet and that you mask your scent. Although technology can’t help your noise level, it can manipulate the air molecules around you so deer are unable to detect your presence.

Ozonics changes oxygen molecules around you into ozone. Oxygen molecules have two oxygen atoms (O2), whereas ozone has three (O3). The uneven number of atoms make ozone molecules unstable and willing to bond with other atoms, mainly those that comprise your scent. Ozonics has a silent fan that blows these molecules downwind, rendering them unrecognizable by deer. Granted, you’ll still want to shower and wash your clothes with non-scented soap and detergent, but Ozonics eliminates the factor of wind direction while hunting.

Vendetta Archery Rangefinder

If bowhunting is more your style, you understand the importance of rangefinders. Although you can use a handheld rangefinder, you run the risk of your target moving and your reading being inaccurate, thus causing a miss.

The Vendetta Archery Rangefinder is a bow-mounted rangefinder that gives you a precise reading of your target range at full draw. This piece of tech adjusts the distance, elevation and angles as you move your bow with your target, which helps you shoot more accurately.

Bring these gadgets into the field next hunting season, and if you use them correctly, they can significantly add to your chances.

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Upgrade Your Hunting Technology With These 4 Gadgets