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UPDATE: Wisconsin Man Ordered to Pay $1,540 in Fines for Killing “Bow Tie” the Deer

Journal Sentinal Online

A well known whitetail buck known as “Bow Tie” was killed in Wauwatosa and now the poacher is paying the price for it.

Jason Elliot, a 29-year-old from Brookfield, has plead no contest and summarily been found guilty of failure to validate or use a deer carcass tag, hunting with an improper license, and hunting a deer without the use of colored clothing.

The result: $1,540 in fines and his fishing and hunting rights in the state revoked for one year.

While Bow Tie was a favorite among park visitors and wildlife enthusiasts, the man responsible for helping the DNR bag the perpetrator was avid hunter and outdoorsman Jim Bagley. Bagley was in the park on December 13, 2015 when he encountered Elliot.

Google Maps
Google Maps

After an unusual conversation with Elliot where the Brookfield man stated he had permission to hunt in the park, Bagley immediately contacted authorities and reported the violation.

Bagley said “I saw a blood trail right on the ground. I knew this man was a poacher on county land. I know there’s no hunting here.”

While hunters and outdoorsmen gnash their teeth at the prospect of poaching, it took the calm thinking of one of them to spot the violation and report it. To many it may seem like the offending man got off easy with a “small” fine of $1,540, but the law in this case was clear.

Regardless of the fact that this man was caught red handed poaching in a county park the simple rule we can all live by has never been more important: if you see something, say something.


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UPDATE: Wisconsin Man Ordered to Pay $1,540 in Fines for Killing “Bow Tie” the Deer