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UPDATE: Canadian Moose Rider May Face Criminal Charges [VIDEO]

This moose rider seemed to think his stunt was pretty funny. British Columbia’s conservation officials disagree.

The viral video of a man jumping from a boat and riding a moose has got some people laughing and even more saying, “Why would anyone do that?”

David Vince, a conservation sergeant in Fort St. John, B.C., said “It doesn’t look like the video was taken this year.”

Another conservation officer has been assigned to the case and is currently trying to track down the exact location where the video was filmed and figure out who this mystery moose rider is.

Vince went on to say that “wildlife harassment is a criminal offense.” If convicted, the suspect’s fines will be determined by a judge.

Two wannabe moose riders in Ontario were convicted in a similar incident in 2013 and forced to pay fines totaling $2,500. Sounds like a pretty expensive 14 seconds to me.

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UPDATE: Canadian Moose Rider May Face Criminal Charges [VIDEO]