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UPDATE: Bizarre Details Emerging in Death of California Man That Left Behind Arsenal [PICS]


A Los Angeles man who died and left behind 1,200 guns has been identified as Jeffrey Alan Lash. Now authorities are trying to discern as to whether or not Lash was a spy for the CIA.

The L.A. Police Department has identified a 60-year-old man that was found in his car, under a severe state of decomposition, as Jeffrey Alan Lash—known only to his neighbor’s as Bob Smith.

After the discovery and subsequent search of his home, the police found over 1,200 guns, six-and-a-half tons of ammunition, and some $230,000 in cash.

Palisades News
Palisades News

Lash had been telling his neighbors and some staff at a local restaurant that he was an agent with the CIA, driving cars with no plates, and bristling if any photographs were taken near him.

The operator of one of the cars was his purported fiancée, Catherine Nebron.

According to Nebron, Lash had come down ill on the 4th of July, dying shortly after in the parking lot of a Bristol Farms store in Santa Monica.

The story became even more bizarre when Nebron told police that Lash had ordered her to leave his dead body in one of 14 vehicles he owned, and the “intelligence agency” that he worked for would recover it.

Ms. Nebron did as she was told, and upon returning from an out-of-town trip, was stunned to find his still decomposing body where she had left it 10 days earlier.

Though there is no corroboration at this time of Lash’s involvement with the Central Intelligence Agency, Nebron’s attorney Harland Braun said of the rumor: “He certainly convinced his fiancée, my client, that he was a CIA agent. But I don’t think so; I think he was nuts”

Deputy Chief Kirk Albanese of the LAPD is quoted as saying that there was no reason to believe that Lash was connected to any illegal activity, and that he was likely just a collector.

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UPDATE: Bizarre Details Emerging in Death of California Man That Left Behind Arsenal [PICS]