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Upcycle Old Arrows into Decoy Stakes [VIDEO]

old arrows

Don’t throw those old arrows away, upcycle them into your new decoy stakes.

All avid bow hunters run through arrows like no tomorrow. Between target shooting or hunting game you will end up with more than your fair share of broken, bent, or worn out arrows. Instead of chucking the old arrows that can’t be fixed, save them and give them a new life as a decoy stake.

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This project is quick, simple, and darn-near free. All you need is a knife, some rubber bands, and a hack saw.


This is a really simple and great idea on how to upcycle old or broken items. This would also be great if you forget to pack a stake, lose one, or have a decoy stake break on you while out in the field.

I love “how to” videos like these and Realtree Outdoors has a lot of them about how to create or reuse gear. I enjoy nothing more than tinkering around with stuff to re-purpose it into something new. Not to mention it really gets your brain going, and helps you think outside of the box if you ever have to throw something together while in the backcountry.

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Upcycle Old Arrows into Decoy Stakes [VIDEO]