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Today's a Good Day to Watch Someone Shoot an Uzi

classic Uzi
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Whether or not you've ever seen one in person, the classic Uzi submachine gun is a household name. Here's your chance to get up close and personal with the real deal.

While most of us haven't actually had the chance to shoot a classic Uzi submachine gun, it's one that we've all heard about, probably wished to shoot, and even pretended to be shooting at some point.

Today, thanks to Hickok45, you can take an up-close look at exactly what shooting the classic Uzi is like and see just how accurate and deadly it can be, even at long range.

While Hickok45's definition of "long range" may differ a little from yours, you have to remember that the Uzi is a submachine gun, created not for amazing accuracy but to send a shower of bullets down in a general location. The fact that he's able to instinctively shoot such rapid fire shots and consistently hit his targets is a credit to both the gun and the shooter. And until you manage to get ahold of one yourself, you'll just have to keep watching that watermelon explode while you pretend to be the one shooting it.

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Today's a Good Day to Watch Someone Shoot an Uzi