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Unusually Hairy Family Finds Their Way to the Beach

Sand castles, waves, beach volleyball, and a family of bears? Not your typical day at the beach.

Families flock to the beach in the summer for some fun in the sun. Apparently families of bears are doing so also.

Pope Beach on Lake Tahoe was blessed with some unexpected visitors and they seemed to be having a blast splashing in the waves. A family of three bears consisting of two cubs and a mother bathed and rolled in the waters waves while many watched from a distance.

The black bears minded their business and so did the beach goers and it made for a pretty cool scene.

It is pretty astonishing that the bears came down in the middle of the day for a short swim despite all the people on the beach. Most of the time your fear in the water is that of a shark bite, but not usually a bear bite.

You will be hard pressed to find anything cuter than the two cubs wrestling like that.

That's most definitely not something you see everyday. You have got to love Mother Nature.


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Unusually Hairy Family Finds Their Way to the Beach