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Unusual Buck Battle: "You Fight Like a Girl!" [VIDEO]

This isn't your typical buck fight. I think these two got confused when someone said go 'toe-to-toe.'

Normally, an average whitetail buck fight is brutal, fierce, and sometimes deadly. There are numerous occasions of hunters stumbling across a pair of bucks locked together in the heat of battle, and often times one or both of the bucks are already dead. Buck fights are a prime example of wild animals living off their instincts to survive.

Well, that's pretty much the opposite of what we have here...


Deer boxing is a common way for whitetail does to fight, but for bucks... not so much. I bet the other bucks are thinking, "C'mon fellas, you're making us look bad!"

I know these two bucks are in velvet, and probably don't want to mess up what good antler growth they have going on, but that doesn't mean you have to around fighting like your female counterparts!

Ah, the joys of nature... It's an unpredictable world out there, and that's probably what intrigues us the most about being in the wild outdoors. You just never know what you might encounter on any given day.

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Unusual Buck Battle: "You Fight Like a Girl!" [VIDEO]