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These Untouched Mountain Lakes Are a Fishing Paradise [VIDEO]


Have you ever set out to get lost on a fishing trip? These guys did.

Well, they did not want to get lost in the conventional sense of the term by becoming disoriented and not knowing their position or how to find their way out of the wilderness. Their goal was to get lost in the wilderness experience by fly fishing some pristine backcountry alpine lakes in the Canadian Rockies.

Watch the video to see some beautiful footage of their journey. Who knows? It might inspire you to get lost in your own outdoor adventure.

Outdoorsmen and women choose to get lost in a number of outdoor pursuits. Whether you’re attempting to making a perfect fly cast, call in a wild turkey, or fool a wary buck into coming into bow range, the fact that your mind is focused on the task at hand is part of the reward, whether you are successful or not.

We all love the culinary rewards that hunting and fishing provide and the sight of a set of big antlers heading towards our set up or a trophy fish following our fly. But the real reward of outdoor recreation is the opportunity to leave our day-to-day worries and responsibilities back at the truck and live in the moment, even if it’s only for a few hours.


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These Untouched Mountain Lakes Are a Fishing Paradise [VIDEO]